Frontline runners clean TS14

White/White lead a brace of leading competitors who cleaned the 10.95km run through Malanda to maintain a 53 second advantage.

Stokell/Read continue in second in their Lotus Exige ahead of Morton/Reeves in another Lotus.

Dutton Garage Early Modern standings remain unchanged with Quinn/Catford leading Howarth/Howarth by 1min04s.

In Shannons Classic Handicap there remains a mere two seconds behind Yelds/Hughes and Achterberg/Fitzgerald.

In Reef Hotel & Casino Sports GT, Meletopoulo/Meletopoulo remain four seconds ahead of Ringuet/Ringuet.

In Shannons Classic GT sees Bray/Bray protect a 59 second over Downey/Van Den Akker.

White/White extend lead after TS13

White/White have increased their lead to 53 seconds after the 10.71km Kuranda Range TS13.

Stokell/Read moved their Lotus Exige back into second position, two seconds up on Morton/Reeves.

In Shannons Classic Handicap Yelds/Hughes are clutching a two second lead from Achterberg/Fitzgerald.

Bray/Bray are leading Shannons Classic GT by 59 second over Downey/Van Den Akker.

In Dutton Garage Early Modern sees Quinn/Catford lead by 1min04secs from Howarth/Howarth who trimmed the deficit by six seconds.



Comments on today’s stages from Jason White

Dodge Viper leader Jason White takes a look at what’s ahead on the final day of Targa Great Barrier Reef.

TS 13: Kuranda Range – 10.71km

This is probably one of the wider sections compared to the rest of the event. Significantly it is also the location for the only official spectator point for the event, RAINFORESTATION.

It’s like a superhighway, four lanes wide in quite a few areas and even a little bit wider in some parts. It’s a very nice, smooth fresh piece of tarmac. This is a really nice hillclimb and a really good test. For the most part it will be fun and you will be able to drive as fast as you can. In that sense it’s forgiving because of the width. If you miss an apex there is still plenty of room to gather it back up. It’s in stark contrast to a lot of the stages up on the tableland.


TS 14 Malanda -10.95km

This is one of the only stages we get to do once as a lot of the others are back the other direction. It’s a nice stage but is tight and narrow and is going to be another supreme test.


TS 15&18: Moregatta/Theresa Creek – 7.06km

 A bit further south of Malanda this is the scene of another couple of good stages. There’s a couple of fast straight bits.

We will be going back the other way from TS 15. Both these runs will be quite high on average speeds but because of the width of the road it’s going to be quite hard to drive at top speed.


TS 16&17 (Millaa Millaa/Palmerstone) – 27.61kms

In my opinion these stages are the most challenging stages of the event. They are the longest and the amount of corners makes it an intense experience.

It is pretty relentless in the number of changes of direction. These stages also seem to have the most bush surrounding the roads so there is not a lot of clear road around.

It is an old highway (Old Palmerston Highway) and is tight, technical, cresty and you are ducking and diving around.

It will be a lot of fun but also one of the biggest ones in terms of causing problems with faster cars coming up on slower cars.

There will have to be a fair bit of courtesy shown if a passing move is on.

These two stages will be a real game changer for the event. There could be a minute gap between two positions and those positions could be turned on their head in those two stages.






Whites push lead out at end of leg 2

The White/White Dodge Viper holds a 45 second lead over the Morton/Reeves Lotus. Stokell/Read are a further one second back in another Lotus.

GT2 top three reflect the above while in GT4 the 2011 Nissan GTR of Mark Balcombe and Brian Foster remain benchmark.

Michael and Daniel Bray have moved to a 1min04s lead in Shannons Classic GT over the Downey/Van Den Akkker Commodore.

Ashley Yelds and Charlie Hughes finish the day with a four second advantage over the Achterberg/Fitzgerald Porsche 944 in Shannons Classic Handicap.

Tony Quinn and Kate Catford, fourth outright, lead the Dutton Garage Early Modern by more than one minute.

GT Sports Trophy sees the Meletopoulo/Meletopoulo Lotus 15 seconds up on the Ringuet/Ringuet Lotus.

Coleman/Richardson go into the final day four seconds up on Hall/Hall.

Marshall/Marshall are back in front in the TSD Trophy with 25 points, eight ahead of Taylor/Taylor.

Thanks for joining Targa Live for Day 2.

See you early tomorrow morning when the action starts on the final day which comprises six stages.