Final day finish line details

All cars touring and competition are invited to cross the finish line at Princes Wharf 1 in Hobart from 3.30pm tomorrow (Sunday).

Competition cars, regardless of whether they continued on the event or not, are invited to park up inside PW1 for TARGAfest on Sunday night. Times for TARGAfest are from 6pm-9pm.

Cars must then vacate PW1 by 9am on Monday morning.

Stages facing the TT30 Tour on Day 5

There are seven stages today with Strahan (33.45km) opening proceedings.

The tour field then moves through the following.

TS 23 (Lake Plimsoll 14.23km)

TS 24 (Murchison 20.60km)

TS 25 (Yolla 19.33km)

TS 26 Camena (31.11km)

TS 27 (Ridgley 29.22km)

TS 28 (Rosebery 16.19km)

Lunch is again scheduled for the Penguin stop after the Yolla stage.