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Details of the Hobart finish

A reminder about the new details regarding the finish of the downgraded TARGA Tasmania 30 Tour this afternoon.

All cars touring and competition are invited to cross the finish line at Princes Wharf 1 in Hobart from 3.30pm today.

Competition cars, regardless of whether they continued on the event or not, are invited to park up inside PW1 for TARGAfest on Sunday night. Times for TARGAfest are from 6pm-9pm.

Cars must then vacate PW1 by 9am on Monday morning.

Stage schedule for Day 6

Here is the schedule for the final day of the TARGA Tasmania 30 Tour.

The mix of tour and competition cars will tackle the following stages in the run from Strahan down to Hobart on closed roads but restricted to the signposted speed limits.

The first cars are expected to set off just before 9am.

TS 29: Strahan (33.45km)

TS 30: Queenstown (6.90km)

TS 31: Mt Arrowsmith (52.51km)

TS 32: Tarraleah (8.68km)

TS 33: Molesworth (7.99km)

TS34: Grasstree Hill (6.72km)

Final day of the TT30 Tour

We are a few hours away from the start of the sixth and final day of the TARGA Tasmania Tour.

As crews prepare to take to the final six stages heading into the Hobart finish this afternoon, we have a sample of Day 5 action captured by our great team of photographers at Otherside Productions.

TARGA Tasmania 30 Tour in Strahan

The field of tour and competition cars are resting up in Strahan tonight ahead of the final day of the downgraded TT30.

There are six stages tomorrow where the event continues as a downgraded format where cars adhere to the signposted speed limits.

Join us here at TARGA Live tomorrow for more.

Thanks for joining us on Day 5 and we wish you a pleasant evening.