Late Classic win goes to Brentzell

Queensland driver, Bill Brentzell, and his co-driver, Karien Heimsohn, were the class of the field in the Shannons Early Classic Handicap section of Supaloc Targa Adelaide.

They drove their 1965 Shelby GT350 to a three minute 53 second victory over the 1971 Porsche 911 S of Rob Black and Vivek Ponnusamy, with Andrew Bryson and Craig Milich third in their 1964 Hillman Imp Rallye.

“The car performed really well in the wet conditions, and all we’ve had to do during the event is put petrol in it and check the tyres,” Brentzell explained.

“We had a really good run on the Norton Summit stage yesterday afternoon. We caught and passed a Porsche that started a minute in front of us, and finished right behind a Monaro, so it was lots of fun.

“I’d love to do the next round of the championship, but that all depends if I can get the time off.”

The next round of the CAMS Australian Targa Championship is Targa High Country, in Victoria, in November.

Bill Brentzell won the Early Modern class.

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