What the leaders said

EDDIE MAGUIRE (leading overall and GTO): “Today was great – a pretty relaxing day all up.

We’ve just been doing our thing and staying consistent.

We won every stage today except for Gunns Plains and Reece Dam.

The temperature on our tyres came up too much on that stage and we had to nurse them and back off a bit.

The weather so far has really helped our tyres.

They’re looking great – in fact, much better than I thought they would on Day Four, but there’s still long way to go.

ANGUS KENNARD (second overall and GTO): Eddie’s got a great lead, but it’s a great fight for second, third, and fourth.

We haven’t given up trying to catch Eddie yet.

It’s such a long event and anything can happen, so you just have to keep going.

We are going really hard and not holding anything back at this stage.

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