Damage assessment of White’s Viper

“We are pretty lucky I admit,” the seven-times TARGA Tasmania winner said.

“It burst into flames pretty quick and there was a full engine bay fire.

“We managed to get our extinguishers on it and then Eddie (Maguire) and Zak (Brakey) turned up and put their extinguishers on it. Then one of the radiator hoses burst and extinguished most of the flames under the bonnet.

“The rest of the car is quite salvageable and it looks a lot worse than it is. There is a little bit of fire damage in the middle of the console where the wiring started to ignite.

“Apart from the bumper and a bonnet and a bit of wiring, It’s just a bit of chassis damage which will probably take more in time than actual monetary damage.

“We look forward to next year.”

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