TS 15 update

Tony Quinn and Brian Foster (Nissan GT-R) continue to be just over two minutes clear at the front of the field after cleaning the Malanda stage.

Seymour/Seymour are in second outright while Udy/Williams are in third, just 19 seconds ahead of Andrew Horn and Sally Coning.

Class leaders:

GT Outright: Quinn/Foster lead by 2:03s

Classic Handicap: Gluskie/Winter lead by 1:31s

GT Production: Van der Brug/Rankine leads by 4:24s

Classic GT: Bowden/Hepburn  2:34.49s

Early Modern 2: Williams/Witteveen lead by 1:45.29s

Early Modern 4: Horn/Coning lead by 2:33s

GT Sports Trophy: Udy/Williams lead by 2:21s

Thoroughbred Trophy: Hall/Hall lead by 1:39.31s

TSD Trophy: Marshall/Marshall lead by 9 points

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