TS13 results

Results are in following the 8.12km King Valley stage with White maintaining the rage in the Outright and GT2 standings.

White now has extended his Outright and GT2 margin by another 9s to lead by 1:26s.

Close has moved to within 6s of Quinn for Outright fifth.

Maguire set the fastest time of the stage, toppling White by one second in a Viper tight.

Dutton Garage GT4 saw Bray set the fastest time. Quinn still leads Anear by 38s.

In Dutton Garage Early Modern Nunn takes a further 4s from Lilleyman to extend his lead to 21s. Howarth was quick again and remains third +43s.

In Classic Handicap Copeland has added 15s to his lead taking it out to 51s over Prieston.

GT Sports Trophy saw Ringuet take another full second off Grace to reduce the deficit to 23seconds. Seymour is third +1:10s with Sgambellone +1:27s.

Thoroughbred Trophy looks like Waldron might be experiencing trouble. No results for the Sigma driver for the stage. Arundel now heads Greig by 1:43s

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