TS 11 results

Tolmie, at 16.37km, is the longest stage of the day.

Outright and GT2, Whites lead has moved beyond 1 minute. Stokell is now 70s in second place. Maguire and Ireland continue an interesting battle with the former still holding third.

Close continues to be on the charge, setting fourth fastest time to climb out the leaderboard to be in sixth Outright and fifth in GT2.

In Dutton Garage GT4, Anear set the fastest time, 10s clear of Smith and Quinn. But leader Quinn’s margin is now down to 43s over Anear.

In Dutton Garage Early Modern leader Nunn and Lilleyman finish on the same time with the gap remaining at 15s.

The top three in Classic Handicap remain Copeland, Prieston and Buggee.

Downey has extended his margin in Classic GT to 3min33s.

GT Sports Trophy has seen Ringuet make some inroads into Grace’s lead, finishing 4s quicker than his rival. It leaves Grace with a 26s buffer.

Thoroughbred Trophy sees Waldron continue to set the fastest time with his lead over Arundel stretching to 3mins18s.


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