All the class winners (provisional)

All the class winners (provisional) after the last stage, TS 33 (Cygnet).

Outright: 1st Paul Stokell/Kate Catford, 2nd Angus Kennard/Ian Wheeler by 2mins51s

Dutton Garage GT2: 1st Stokell/Catford, 2nd Matt Close/Cameron Reeves by 2min50s.

GT4: 1st Kennard/Wheeler, 2nd Dowie/Marquet by 5min47s.

Shannons Classic GT: 1st Bray/Bray, 2nd Siddins/Siddins by 2mins49s.

Shannons Classic: 1st Prieston/Braithwaite, 2nd Gluskie/Winter by 2min40s.

Dutton Garage Early Modern: 1st Lilleyman/Lilleyman, 2nd Kaplan/Penney by 9min37s.

Country Club GT Sports Trophy: 1st Sher/Murphy, 2nd Ringuet/Ringuet +41 seconds.

Shannons Thoroughbred Trophy: 1st Cowie/Cowie, 2nd Currow/O’Donnell +39.13s.

Budget TSD Trophy: 1st Marshall/Marshall (31 points), 2nd Taylor/Taylor (35 points).

Spirit of Tasmania Rookie Rallye: 1st Downing/Woodman, 2nd Ralph/Brooks (Subaru WRX STI) +10min17s


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