Great start sees Maguire leading Modern

Targa High Country winner, Eddie Maguire, has brought that form to Targa Tasmania and leads the Modern competition after Day 1.

But the Mitsubishi Lancer driver is getting too far ahead of himself.

“It’s a great start to the week. George Town really suited our car – it was tight and nimble with 90 degrees corners,” he said.

“It’s a hard stage for the (Nissan) GTRs to get around, it’s understandable we did okay today, but I’m sure tomorrow will be different.

“We’re not letting any pressure get to us – just because we won today doesn’t mean we’re going to be the fastest car all week.

“This is my first Targa Tasmania as a driver and my expectations are first and foremost to finish the event – we’re just going to run our own race and hopefully we’re there at the end.

“It’s a long event for a little car like this, so there’s been a lot of preparation to get ready for it.

“It’s got to get to the end and we have to nurse the car at the same time as trying to get the pace up, so it’s just a big juggling act really.

“George Town was a blast, but I’m still getting used to using hard compound tyres, compared to the medium ones we’ve been running.”

Maguire 650

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