Denyer happy after Day 1

TV star Grant Denyer is happy with his first day in Targa Tasmania 2015, after finishing third in the Wrest Point Showroom competition.

“This year’s car is very similar to the Megane we ran a few years ago,” Denyer said.

“We won Showroom last time, so it was always going to be a good package. There’s just a few refinements here and there, like brakes and stuff.

“Being up against Tony Quinn’s McLaren has whetted my appetite a bit – I think I can take him on (joking).

“I tend to start off slower because I don’t race full-time, so rather than take unnecessary risks I tend to work into the event – I know my driving can be good enough to win, but I just need to get better on Day Two and progressively better each day.”

Denyer 650

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