Quirky Caddy performing well

With all the news around about rising electricity prices, those standing on the side of the road during Suplaoc Targa Adelaide who see the Solar Deposit Volkswagen Caddy speed by could be forgiven for thinking this van was rushing to install a power generating device to someone’s home up on the rally route.

But no, this quirky little car is, in fact, a fully race prepared vehicle competing for honours in the Modern section of the rally.

What once started out life as an actual service van for local solar industry professionals, Solar Depot, the van has been transformed into a replica Race Caddy from the National VW Cup series in the UK.

Local driver and owner of Solar Depot, Troy Ryan, says the Caddy has undergone an extensive rework and now outperforms most 2WD sports cars available off the showroom floor today. Troy is co-driven by Guy Sierp.

The VW Caddy also has a obligatory tradesman’s ladder bolted to the roof!

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